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These forums are open only to members for posting and commenting. At the moment there are two forums, but we will be hapy to create others as needed. Currently there is a General Discussion Forum and one for DNA Discussion.

Don Norman Files +

Through the years, many members and friends of HCPD have donated Descendancy Charts to be shared. The pdfs of many are added here, and more will be uploaded as time permits.

A large number of these are from the Don Norman Files, which will be a familiar resource to many of our members. Since others are being added to that list, as he envisioned, this can be thought of as Don Norman Plus. HCPD members are invited to submit pdfs to add to this resource.

Family Group Sheets

From the very beginning, in 1982, many members and friends have donated Family Group Sheets to be shared. The pdfs of some are added here to show what this can look like, and more will be included as time permits for scanning and uploading. Meanwhile, HCPD members are invited to submit pdfs to add to this resource.

Hacker's Creek Journals (most recent five years)

Earlier editions of the Hacker's Creek Journal are available for the general public, but the most recent five years are available for members only.

Life Summaries

HCPD Members are invited to submit brief summaries of the lives of their ancestors. These are not meant to be as detailed as the Family Group Sheets, but will include major things such as: birth, marriage and death dates, names of parents, moving to a different area, occupation, and other major life events. This will help capture the stories of individuals, including female ancestors and those who may not have married. It is possible to include photos or documents to this resource.


HCPD has an extensive collection of obituaries, both in books and scrapbooks of clippings. We will be working to get this developed. What you can see on this table is just the beginning.  HCPD Members are invited to submit entries for this database.

Volunteer Opportunities

A great strength of this organization has always been the participation of its members. There are always things that can be done - both locally and from a distance. 

All of the Forms Are Here!! 

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