Through the years, many members and friends of HCPD have donated Descendancy Charts to be shared. The pdfs of many are added here, and more will be uploaded as time permits. A large number of these are from the Don Norman Files, which will be a familiar resource to many of our members. Since others are being added to that list, as he envisioned, this can be thought of as Don Norman Plus.

Note: Don Norman passed away on January 27, 2021. Here is his obituary. We can never hope to repay him for all of the work he has done in collecting these records and making them available. He generously gave full permission for HCPD to continue using them as well as to continue gathering records to add to them.

Don Norman

March 17, 1930 - January 27, 2021

Don Norman Files +

As of 5/13/2021 it includes surnames beginning with A, B, C, D (through Dean), and  N, O, P, Q - 658 records

Really looking forward to the day when all of these are uploaded!!

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