Hacker's Creek Journal

These journals, which have been published regularly since 1982, are a wealth of information. There are family histories, descendant lists, information about the churches, schools, cemeteries, and more. Click Here for an annotated Table of Contents to help guide you. In addition, it is a lot of fun to just choose an issue and be amazed at what you find there.

Up the Creek Newsletters

Shorter and a bit less regular than the Hacker's Creek Journal, the Up the Creek Newsletter has been published since 2015. It includes tips for genealogy, updates from the organization in addition to some stories that have come in between issues of the longer publication. 

Legacy Blog Posts

From 2017-2018 these blog posts were included on our former website. 

These Publications are Available

In the HCPD Library

For Sale in Our Online Store

Members of the HCPD have researched and written several books which are for sale as well as being available to read in our library. They are happy to have provided the fruits of their many hours of searching through courthouse records and locating cemeteries and reading the markers there.

Some examples of titles are:

  • Birth Records of Braxton County, WV (multiple volumes available)
  • Birth Records of Lewis County, WV (multiple volumes available)
  • Birth Records of Webster County, WV (multiple volumes available)
  • Census Records (multiple years and multiple counties)
  • Lewis County, WV Deed Books
  • Lewis County, WV Recorder's Office 1863-8172
  • Lewis County, WV Chancery Records
  • Marriage Bonds & Marriage Records (1816-1865), Lewis County, WV
  • Pioneer Index of Randolph County, WV
  • Registered Voters, Lewis County, WV 1906: Hackers Creek & Freemans Creek Districts
  • Ritchie County, WV Ledger 1863: Assessors Records
  • Cemetery Records (multiple counties and volumes available)
  • Death Records

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